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Home Fire Emergency and Prevention

According to statistics, home fire emergency is rising, and fewer individuals know fire prevention methods.

The majority of fire emergencies are due to negligence and a lack of prevention systems in place.

This negligence is due to not knowing what is considered a fire hazard

You never know what might cause a fire at home, so having the proper fire prevention system and plan is critical. 

The following safety tips were proven to prevent fire mishaps, minimize the effects of fire, and save lives during fire emergencies.

Install a smoke/fire alarm.

A smoke/fire alarm is ideal if you want an excellent fire prevention system.

According to statistics, it can increase the chances of surviving a fire by up to 50%.

It’s a good idea to test the smoke and fire alarms frequently.

Adequate maintenance of the alarm system is crucial for fire prevention.

Avoid using extension cords as a permanent source of power.

Using an extension cord as a permanent power source might overload the electrical circuit.

You will generate a fire hazard; inventors and manufacturers did not build extension cords to be used permanently for heavy electric loads.

Stop relying on extension cords for anything other than temporary use, as it will help prevent fire emergencies.

Establish a fire emergency plan.

You want to ensure that your home has a proper fire emergency plan.

The last thing you want is to encounter a fire emergency without having a plan to put out the fire.

A fire emergency safety plan is essential, especially for a growing family.

Sit with family members to strategize how to stay safe in the case of a fire outbreak.

Provide a fire extinguisher.

Depending on the size of your home, you may need one or more fire extinguishers.

These are important because they allow you to put out fires quickly.

Prevention is vital; having at least one in your home can help immensely.

It might initially seem like a strange investment until you need one.

Double-check all your extension and electrical cords for any damage.

Sometimes one of the reasons house fires appear is due to extension/electrical cord damage.

You often want to check these cords for any sign of wear.

Leaving damaged electrical cords unattended increased the probability of a fire emergency.

Replacing damaged cords or repairing them, at the very least, will undoubtedly help you prevent some significant fire hazards in the long run.

Install a fire door

The primary role of a fire door is to keep back the flames, heat, and smoke. That helps to maintain an escape route.

You always want the proper anti-fire hardware within your home, and installing a fire door is one of the best things to consider in a situation like this.

Ensure that fire door hardware, like seals, frames, and hinges, are correctly installed to prevent any possible issues obstructing the fire door from performing its primary duties.

Service your chimney, stove, fireplace, and furnace as needed.

You always want to ensure that your fire-related hardware within the home is working as expected.

That’s why you want professionals to service the furnace, fireplace, stove, chimney, and other similar items. The truth is that all of these are easily damageable by fire.

Addressing these potential problems as quickly as possible will help make a huge difference. That alone is undoubtedly one of the better ideas to keep in mind.

Close the lid on flammable items.

Suppose you have any flammable items within your home. In that case, it’s essential to close the lid and ensure protection from any fire that might appear.

That’s especially true regarding gasoline or any other flammable compounds.

Keeping those stored away will help minimize the risks of any potential problems, and it’s stuff like that that you want to focus on as much as possible.

Add ground fault circuit interrupters in electrical outlets.

Adding GFCI to your electrical outlets is a great idea, as it can help prevent any potential issues.

Ground fault circuit interrupters are very efficient and will protect your home more than expected.

Adding these in wet areas like your bathroom or kitchen is essential. These are prone to any electrical mishaps and will lead to a fire.

Avoid leaving burning candles unattended.

Another thing that can lead to home fire issues is burning candles.

While burning some candles can be very relaxing, the truth is that you want to avoid leaving them unattended. There’s a high possibility that something might go wrong, and your desk can end up on fire, so you always want to stop those burning candles before you leave.

Many house fires come from burning candles, so you want to address these issues as much as possible; otherwise, you will always have severe problems.

Don’t smoke in bed.

Plenty of home fires started because smokers accidentally left cigarettes on the bed.

Whether or not you want to do so, the truth is that having your cigarette on the bed can be very problematic.

You can solve this by having an ashtray nearby, if possible. Also, you want to avoid smoking in bed and should share this rule with guests.

Keep matches away from kids.

Kids are curious, always wanting to know the basis of things, their effects, and many more. That’s why keeping matches away from kids is a crucial thing to keep in mind.


You last want to encounter a fire without a good plan.

We recommend following the mentioned fire safety tips to help prevent your home from a fire emergency.

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Soji Balogun

Soji is an associate fire protection inspector with extensive knowledge of federal, state, and municipal fire safety rules and laws. A United States military veteran and an alumnus of the New York Institute of Technology, with over a decade of work experience as a safety and compliance officer.