Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Team

Mission | Vision

Safefellow is a safety interactive web platform that promotes safety awareness and safety practices.

Safefellow primary objective is to promote good safety habits among individuals for the better well-being of humans, animals, plants, and other living organisms.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020 taught global citizens to be on their best behavior when it comes to safety. Being safe is beyond choosing a healthy lifestyle or donning personal protective equipment to avoid exposing oneself to danger or risk.

The emphasis on the importance of practicing good safety habits in all areas of human life started the journey. Safefellow’s online presence came into effect in the winter of 2021, and the business formation formalized in 2022 in New York City, United States.

Our goal at Safefellow is safety-first; providing safety tips, safety awareness, and good safety practices.

We have made available the necessary tools to make safety practicable for and by everyone.

“Seeing the world and its citizens being safe is our success.”


"Ensure that good safety habits are practicable by everyone"


"Apply good safety practices to prevent risks, injuries, and danger"

The Team

The foundation of our organization lies in the diversity of the people working in the organization, and our team is composed of different nationals with different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures.

We are team-focused at Safefellow and look forward to welcoming other nationals joining our ever-growing team. We strongly believe in diversity which aligns with our mission and goal.

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